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Mornington Peninsula information: Tourist Information Office in Dromana "The Mornington Peninsula Visitor Information Center in Dromana" is an excellent place to source information on the Mornington Peninsula. The Visitor Information Center is located at 359B Point Nepean Rd, Dromana and The Information Center it is Open Daily 9am to 5pm (closed Christmas Day and Good Friday)

There are several Information Centers that cover the Mornington Peninsula area and the one Information Center in Frankston is very popular. Tourists and ravellers are able to pick up brochures and maps and talk to the consultants and find the information on basically any activitiy on The Mornington Peninsula.
Mornington Peninsula - General information

Mornington Peninsula is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Victoria and every year thousands of visitors are drawn to the area.

The Mornington Peninsula is well known as the home to some of the best vineyards, wineries, cafes and delis in the state of Victoria.

The Mornington Peninsula is such a major part of Victoria's travel industry that there are countless places to source information on things to do or places to visit.
Amongst the valuable information on The Mornington Peninsula is that it has countless tourist attractions and as a result the Mornington Peninsula has attracted huge investment in property development which has provided endless places to visit. Coupled with this development the Mornington Peninsula is also blessed with some of the best sightseeing found in Victoria.

Mornington Peninsula Cafe-Deli Scene

The Mornington Peninsula cafe-deli-restaurant scene now known as world standard and the choices are growing all the time with some well known outstanding chefs moving onto The Mornington Peninsula. The Mornington Peninsula area has set such a standard for the food being offered it has become a rival anywhere in the world.

Anything you want to satisfy your taste buds can be found on the Mornington Peninsula and not only is the food outstanding the local wine industry is amongst the best in the world.

Highly Recommended Restaurants on The Mornington Peninsula

Outdoor eating on the footpath in Sorrento, always popular and very busy in summer
Outdoor eating on the footpath in Sorrento, always popular and very busy in summer
Ten Minutes by Tractor (Main Ridge)

Veraison Restaurant (Merricks)

The Milbri (Rosebud)

Le Bouchon french Cuisine (Balnarring)

Stillwater at Crittenden (Dromana)

Loquat (Sorrento)

Pelikan Societe (Hastings)

Information on tourist destinations on The Mornington Peninsula

The cafe at the top of Mount Martha on The Mornington Peninsula has great views and very popular with tourists and sighseeing
The cafe at the top of Mount Martha on The Mornington Peninsula has great views and very popular with tourists and sighseeing
Below are some facts and information on the Mornington Peninsula for the tourist who who wants to know what to do when they decide to visit.

There are so many to see and visit on the Victoria's Mornington Peninsula and on any day The Mornington Peninsula is buzzing with locals, tourists and families just having a great time and joining in the many events that take place.

Victoria's Mornington Peninsula is a scenic resort region, rich in wineries, restaurants and art galleries and one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Victoria.

Located just over an hours drive from Melbourne 'The Mornington Peninsula' is an enjoyable journey for sightseeing and is filled with picturesque landscapes for the later part of the drive.

General information on The Mornington Peninsula

Victoria's Mornington Peninsula has always been famous for its beach side holidays but over the years it has blossomed into a must see tourist destination. The beaches on the Mornington Peninsula are the equal to any in the world. Popular tourist destinations on the Mornington Peninsula are Rye, Rosebud and Arthurs Seat.

Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula can be proud of the fact it has developed into a thriving tourist mecca providing outstanding facilities for anyone visiting the area.
Mornington Peninsula Wineries & Vineyards

The Mornington Peninsula's Portsea Hotel outdoor eating and drinking
The Mornington Peninsula's Portsea Hotel outdoor eating and drinking
Victoria's Mornington Peninsula has rapidly gained a reputation for its outstanding wineries.On the Mornington Peninsula there are in excess of 200 vineyards and wineries and The Mornington Peninsula area is responsible for the production of some of Australia's top Chardonnay's and Pinot Noir's.

Over half are less than 5 acres and two thirds less than 10 acres.

High on the information on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula is that The Mornington Peninsula is described as 'more Mediterranean than Melbourne' and when visiting The Mornington Peninsula area visitors, tourists and sightseer's can see why this is being said.

Many Mornington Peninsula local vignerons have recently opened restaurants and cafe next to the vines and stage events such as Peninsula Pinot Week, an important part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival which is an annua event held early in March.

On any weekend The Mornington Peninsula is extremely busy with sightseeing tours or families all eager to sample the produce at the Winery Cellar Doors.
Mornington Peninsula Golfing and Golf Courses

Victoria's Mornington Peninsula is rapidly becoming known for some of the world's best natural golf terrain, with gently rolling sand-hills creating perfect contours and fast-draining sandy soils providing excellent year-round golf.

Cape Shank Golf Club from the carpark.
Situated just an hour outside of Melbourne the golf on The Mornington Peninsula is simply awesome and one of the most well known is 'The National Golf Course' at Cape Schanck which has long been recognised as one of the most spectacular courses in the country.

The Mornington Peninsula area now known as 'The Cups', has 18 golf courses that vary from nine holes and have a relaxed country feel about them.

The Mornington Peninsula has sensational public golf courses and the clubhouse facilities are on par with any of the best clubs in Australia.

There is a tremendous variety of golf courses available including links and resort style courses, all are in excellent condition year round.

One of the holes on the very popular Cape Shank golf course
One of the holes on the very popular Cape Shank golf course
In February 2003, the Peninsula's Eagle Ridge was named by Golf Australia Magazine as one of Australia’s ‘Top 25 Public Access’ golf courses.

The Mornington Peninsula is set to become Australia's home of golf, with a spate of new golf courses including the Moonah Links which will not only house the Australian Golf Union headquarters and Australian Golf Museum, but will also host the Australian Open.

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    A map of the Mornington Penisula and also Phillip Island
A map of the Mornington Peninsula and also Phillip Island
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