Lake Weeroona near sunset on the outskirts of Bendigo
A view of the a shopping area from Rosalind Park
Cherry Blossom in the gardens at the Chinese temple in Bendigo
A view of the City of Bendigo from the Observation Tower
The famous Bendigo Talking Tram in action
Bendigo's famous dragon in action
Bendigo's statue remebering our soldiers for died in battle
Bendigo's famous and majestic Sacred Heart Cathedral

Bendigo has an urban population of 82,794 making it the fourth largest inland city in Australia and fourth most populous city in the state. The discovery of gold in Bendigo during the 1850s made it one of the most significant Victorian era boomtowns in Australia.

When gold was discovered in Golden Square on Bendigo Creek in 1851 and the Bendigo Valley was found to be a rich alluvial field. News of the gold brought a huge influx of migrants from around the world and Bendigo went from a where gold could easily be extracted.

Within a year Bendigo transformed from a sheep station to a major settlement Victoria.

Things to do in Bendigo

* Golden Dragon Museum
* Bendigo Art Gallery
* Lake Weeroona
* Rosalind Park
* Arch of Victory
* Central Deborah Gold Mine
* Sacred Heart Cathedral
* Talking Tram Ride
Bendigo's Golden Dragon Museum

The Golden Dragon Museum is Victoria's first accredited museum and it beautifully presents processional regalia, carved furniture and costumes embroidered with gold bullion thread. Artefacts date as far back as the Shang Dynasty 1500-1000BC.

Experience a living history of the Chinese people in Bendigo, from the gold rush of the 1850s to the present day, at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Australia.

Located at the entrance to the museum and part of the Chinese precinct of Bendigo, are the Yi Yuan Gardens, the Kuan Yin temple and the Dai Gum San forecourt.

Bendigo General Information

The city of Bendigo is a product of one of the world's greatest gold rushes and is a thriving regional city in the Victoria. Bendigo consists of wideand picturesque streets created from one of the world’s greatest gold rushes. Every visit will reveal new surprises and experiences. With the gusto of a gold-seeking miner, the people who live here are creating fascinating products, services and stories that add to the richness of the region’s boom time past. It is an ever-changing feast to be explored. Nearby Heathcote has not missed the beat with artisans of food, wine and art flocking to be part of the action.

Contemporary Lifestyle
Wide streets lined by opulent buildings are now interwoven with intriguing laneways and arcades that are home to a new breed of innovators who again delve deep to create a vibrant energy across the city. A Bendigo talking tram in full flight Modern day Bendigo has sublime food, wine and shopping experiences against a stunning heritage backdrop.

Events Culture
Bendigo has an action-packed events calendar is a mix of long-standing traditions, food and wine events, car rallies, sporting excellence and a great sense of fun. Since the gold boom times of 1871, the local Chinese community have come together to add Chinese dragons, regalia and startling crackers to celibrate one of our longest running festivals – the Bendigo Easter Festival.

Rich Heritage
A magnificent gold rush put Bendigo on the map more than 150 years ago. Tents came first and then with the wealth from the gold came elaborately designed homes, public buildings and monuments that are still used today.

Getting to Bendigo:

By Car: from Melbourne Bendigo is accessed by the Calder Hwy or the McIvor Hwy depending on which towns you would like to see along the way. Approx. traveling time is from 1.45 hours to 2.30 hours.
By Train: the Bendigo train departs Southern Cross Station in Melbourne offering scenic journey that takes approx. 90 minutes.
By Plane: The Bendigo Airport shuttle service has 3 return flights daily from Melbourne Airport, 7 days a week. You can also charter a plane for up to 5 people which can pick you up from The Tullamarine, Essendon or Moorabbin Airports. Approx. travel time is 35 to 45 mins.

1) Great Bendigo has a population of over 100,000

2) Bendigo has the oldest tram fleet in Australia.

3) The 144 year old Easter Festival is the longest running fsetival in Australia.

4) Bendigo was the richest gold field in the world between 1850 and 1900.