Information on Dandenong Ranges National Park

The Australiana Tree On Mount Dandenong The Dandenong Ranges which are commonly referred to as The Dandenongs are a set of low mountain ranges, rising to 633 metres at Mount Dandenong, approximately 35 km east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The ranges consist mostly of rolling hills, steeply weathered valleys and gullies covered in thick temperate rainforest, predominantly of tall Mountain Ash trees and dense ferny undergrowth.

The Dandenongs are a perfect example of Australian native bush and a perfect backdrop for tourists ans sightseeing who make the journey every weekend. There are so many things to do on Mt Dandenong and the surrounding countryside which is known as The Dandenong Ranges. There are countless tours, walks and natural sights a tourist could easily spend a week trying to see everything.

The Dandenong Ranges are made up of forest parks and beautiful gardens. A popular way to see the ranges is from the Puffing Billy steam train that takes you through scenic areas you normally would never see. Ferntree Gully National Park is a must with plenty of walking tracks and superb scenery. Located under an hour from Melbourne, it is a great day trip alternative with plenty to see and do.

The Dandenongs which is the name mostly used by locals is a haven for the arts and many thriving art based businesses are located in the area. There are always art shows in the countless art shops. On the road that runs through the are is an abundance of excellent places to eat and one of these is the legendary Cuckoo which is a must for any tourist taking a day drive to the Dandenongs.

Information on Sherbrooke Forest

Sherbrooke covers the southern area of the National Park from Selby in the south to Sherbrooke in the north. The largest section of Dandenong Ranges National Park, Sherbrooke occupies over 800 hectares of the park’s total 3,215 hectares, with Fern Tree Gully, Doongalla, Olinda and Mt. Evelyn making up the remainder

Sherbrooke Forest is well known for the magnificent Mountain Ash forests and a number of walks from picnic grounds which are in the area.

This is a small list of the walks that are very popular:

From either Sherbrooke and O’Donohue Picnic Grounds (Cnr Sherbrooke Road and Sherbrooke Lodge Rd, Sherbrooke)

Sherbrooke Falls
The Sherbrooke Falls walk Mount Dandenong This walk is 2.4 km, 1 hour return and is graded easy to moderate. Tracks leading from Sherbrooke and O’Donohue Picnic Ground provide the easiest walk to the falls through the attractive landscape of tall Mountain Ash and tree ferns. The falls are most inspiring after rain when the swollen Sherbrooke Creek rushes over the rocks.

Hardy Gully Nature Walk
This walk is 700m, 45 minute loop and graded easy to moderate. This track, only a short distance from Grants Picnic Ground, has been set out as a self-guided nature walk. A Park Note describing features along the walk is available at the kiosk. Grants Picnic Ground

Margaret Lester Forest Walk
This walk is 300m, 30 minute loop and graded easy. Located at Grants Picnic Ground, this hard-surfaced track has been especially designed for the disabled. The track follows a steady gradient weaving through spectacular Mountain Ash forest.

The forest on The Sherbrooke Falls walk Mount Dandenong Eastern Sherbrooke Forest
This walk is 7.1 km, 2 hour loop and is graded moderate to difficult. This is a round trip starting and finishing at Grants Picnic Ground. The route follows Lyrebird Walk, then Neumann Road, passing though cleared areas of bush created by the successive wildfires of the early 1900’s. At Paddy Track Junction turn south and cross Hardy Creek before climbing Welch Track and following Coles Ridge Road back to the picnic ground. Most of the walk is through Mountain Ash and Messmate Stringybark forest. There are steep sections on Paddy Road and Welch Track which may be slippery when wet.

Information on The Dandenong Ranges 1000 Steps

The Sherwood Forest and Thousand Steps are some of the natural attractions that draw plenty of locals and tourists to this incredible part of the world. The view from the Mount Dandenong Observatory also well worth the visit.

The 1000 steps walk Mount Dandenong Mt Dandenong boasts a number of scenic walking trails amid the beautiful mountainous landscape and the adjacent deciduous forest. Each of the Mt Dandenong walks are unique and offers you an exceptional experience with the opportunity to enjoy and see the most scenic views of the surrounding area.

The popular 1000 steps is perhaps the favourite and difficult walks of the area. With a long pathway across the steep stony landscape and surrounded by dense forested the this Kokoda Memorial walking trail is truly a must-do activity for enthusiastic hikers.

Located on the edge of the Dandenong Ranges National Park, the 1000 Steps walking trail is a popular destination for tourists and fitness freaks. The 1000 Steps isn’t actually 1000 steps (according to some hikers it is actually more like 770 steps) but it will still pose a physical challenge for those who do not exercise regularly. I wouldn’t recommend people with health problems to climb the steps as the rocky terrain can be quite treacherous and the steps themselves are quite steep.

The track was created in the early 1900s and the ‘steps’ were originally made from the trunks of tree ferns. The concrete steps that we see today were installed in the 1950s and were designed to make the climb safer and easier for visitors.

You actually have to walk about 800m from the carpark before you reach the first of a thousand steps. The steps are fairly narrow; they’re only wide enough to fit one person, as this picture shows.

Information on The Yarra Valley

Known for its wines, the Yarra Valley has a country appeal and also a great place to bushwalk, cycle and drive. One of the prettiest towns is Marysville, with amazing waterfalls and walks nearby. This area is perfect for a getaway day trip or overnight stay, with plenty of camping spots and accommodation to choose from. There are a number of national parks in the Valley, including the King Lake and Yarra Ranges National Parks. You will leave feeling relaxed and invigorated after your stay here.

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A beautiful stream in Sherbrooke Forest - Mt Dandenong   Typical vegetation in Sherbrooke Forest - Mt Dandenong
William Ricketts Sanctuary a very popular tourist destination - Mt Dandenong   The ghost gums and other trees found on Mt Dandenong
Picturesque gardens in Cloudhill Gardens a very popular tourist destination - Mt Dandenong   A walk track abounded by fernery on Mt Dandenong
Tesselaar Tulip Farm a very popular tourist destination - Mt Dandenong   The Pie In The Sky in Olinda on Mt Dandenong